Teaching again

I found myself this week back in my old stomping ground at TAFE Gunnedah campus.  Sadly, the art courses were phased out at TAFE (Gunnedah and Tamworth campuses as well at throughout the institute) over the last ten years or so but there seems to be a demand for art classes once more.  I will start teaching a class in oil painting over six weeks through the Gunnedah Community College commencing Friday, 4 November 2016.

> Press Release from the Community College

Gunnedah Community College and TAFE working together

The Gunnedah Community College had a dilemma – due to popularity it didn’t have a room large enough for the Maree Kelly Oil Painting Class.  Gunnedah TAFE came to the rescue providing a venue at very reasonable rates.

“Both the Gunnedah Community College and TAFE have the same values – we are not in training for profit, but to assist the community”, commented Lynne Sheather, Executive Officer of Community College-Northern Inland, “It should not be underestimated what an Art Class can do for the Community – providing a place where people can connect with others, assisting to release stress and unlocking creativity”.

The Gunnedah Community College Art Classes will be delivered at TAFE from Friday 4th November until 9th December 2016.  “It’s the perfect partnership and hopefully the start of working together on more projects to help our local community”, Lynne added.