‘Half a Million Wild Acres’ exhibition

Opening from 25 April 2024 at the Outback Arts Gallery in Coonamble (www.outbackarts.com.au) the exhibition will continue until 1 June and there will be an artist talk on Saturday 1 June at 10am.


My work is based on my observance, understanding, and connection to the natural environment. It evolves from painting the landscape that surrounds me and that I am familiar with.

The area of ironbark and cypress pine forests, national parks and conservation areas that combine to make up the area broadly known as ‘The Pilliga’ covers half a million acres, and I have spent more than two years investigating what was once an unfamiliar landscape trying to understand better and connect to this extraordinary place.

My great-grandmother was born on the edge of the Pilliga at a little place called Cuttabri. Hearing her stories about her family and connection to the area was the original inspiration for my journey.  And what an amazing journey it has been…… starting with an extremely wet season with lush green growth and an abundance of wildflowers through to dry times and devastation in the aftermath of fires.

I hope the artworks in this exhibition convey my joy in exploring the beauty and uniqueness of the forest – an ode to an incredible place that should be treasured and protected for generations to come.

‘Pilliga Country’ oil on canvas, 97 x 169cm.